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WigOnWigs come in dozens of colors, but sometimes the perfect shade remains elusive. Elizabeth shows us how to dye a synthetic wig to recreate historical hairstyles.

SquarepicFollowing from her articles on basic wig styling techniques, Elizabeth shows us how to apply them to make an C18th inspired hairstyle, aka the 'big pink pouf'.

paperwigs-iconIn Part 2, Lynn shows how to make several more hairstyles, add the finishing touches, and make the wigs removable.

Making paper wigsLynn shows how to display your hats like a museum would, by making paper wigs for headforms.

icon free smStep-by-step instructions, with photos, for recreating five late Victorian evening hairstyles. All are suitable for the Natural Form era.

Detail from London and Paris Ladies Magazine of Fashion, June 1882Lynn continues her series on Natural Form Era Victorian hairpieces by showing step-by-step how to create a curly hairpiece, pin curls and curly bangs.

NFEHair-iconHow to make several must-have Victorian hairpieces from an inexpensive but lifelike synthetic hair. Let's start by making a switch.

Evelyn Nesbit, 1901Modern hair is often a momentary affair: wash, dry, and go. For the Victorian woman, however, hair was not just an inconvenience or an afterthought: it was practically a religion...

Betty Myers' wigsAlways dreamed of having one of those towering 18th century wigs? Some lessons from a workshop.

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