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LondonLadiesSquareThe Victorian era spans a long period of rapid change and progress during the 19th century.

The articles below comprise the entire contents of all the Victorian era articles we have, 1837-1901. To narrow your search down, go to one of the subcategories by hovering over Articles>Historical Periods>Victorian in the main menu above, OR click one of the following links:

Victorian (general)  ~   Early-Mid Victorian 1837-67  ~  First Bustle 1868-76

Natural Form 1877-82  ~  Second Bustle 1883-90  ~   Gay Nineties 1890s

"Tailoring" as we know it today is a skill that began to develop in the eighteenth century. The articles here, then, cover menswear from the 18th century onwards. Earlier periods are covered in the Medieval-15th c, the 16th century and the 17th century sections, or by clicking the Menswear tag.

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