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squarepicIn this final part, Constance demonstrates a pink silk covered rebato and a recreation from Patterns of Fashion 4.

squarepicThere's life in that old dress yet. Julia shows how she remade an old early C16th gown into a new Elizabethan one for her daughter.

SquarepicThere are many myths about Puritan clothing, but what's the truth behind the big white collars? Alison explores who they were and what they really wore...

squarepic In part 2 of this series, Constance shows us how to put theory into practice and make an Elizabethan rebato.

squarepicHaving explored the Elizabethan Royal Wardrobe, and met Walter Fysche's wife, we now look into how and why she might have dressed.

squarepicBuilding on her investigations into the evolution of women’s clothing in the sixteenth century, Julia now looks at the male wardrobe in the Tudor and Elizabethan periods.

squarepicHow did ruffs defy gravity? Ruff enthusiast Constance goes in search of historical accuracy to construct the ultimate supportasse.

SquarepicWalter Fyshe was tailor to the Tudor Queen Elizabeth I. Julia looks into his life and work in the C16th via an exploration of the Queen's Wardrobe.

turkish iconFashion is a significant area of cultural borrowing. Sarah Lorraine examines the 16th century Venetian appropriation of Turkish dress. 

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