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Katherine of Aragon

1510 dressThere are many Tudor dresses of 1530 and later on the re-enactors' circuit, but few earlier ones. Let's go back to 1510 and do something different!

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Katherine of Aragon   Beautiful dress and great to have the info on the gable hood. Has inspired me to make one for a similar dress I made a little while ago!  
Katherine of Aragon   Beautiful! It's interesting to see this earlier style, which as not as common. Two quick questions - what gold thread did you use, and how did you attach the placard to the front of the gown?  
Katherine of Aragon   Hello there and thank you for your praise!
gold thread: I got some from this site: http://www.berlinembroidery.com/goldworkthreads2.htm#twists.

Plackard- I pinned it with long brass pins. Painful if you are not careful, but stays in place pretty firmly. I used about 8 pins on each side.
Katherine of Aragon   Very inspiring--it's exciting to see something from this period. As you say, the evidence is sparse and tricky to interpret, but it's such an interesting transitional period.  

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