The Evolution of 16th Century WomenswearThe more things change, the more they stay the same. Julia investigates the evolution of 16th century women's clothing, and the ramifications for Tudor costumers.

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Thank you
This spans the period I love - Tudor to early Elizabethan. I've been starting to work on a capsule wardrobe and your article has given me some art ideas and some specific inspiration, in addition to guidance around which went with what, when.

(note to self: no more bumroll with Tudor waistcoat and middle class gear.)

Thank you!

I loved this article! Very interesting.

A possible way of getting aglimpse of what working women wore is to see what clothes they get as salary. For example, in Sweden in the last half of the 17th century, employers were to provide their maids with stays, which indicates that these were considered a vital part of their outfits. Leather stays seems to have been quite common in Sweden during this period and must have provided support while still not resticting movements.

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