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SquarepicWe return to the Tudor wardrobe of Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, this week to look at her outer layers – the iconic French gown and typically Marian partlet.

SquarepicSpanish Renaissance style can be tough to identify. Kate continues her field guide to Hispano-Flemish style by looking at men's fashions in 15th and 16th century Spain.

SquarePicSpanish Renaissance clothing can be difficult to identify at first glance. Kate gives us a field guide to Hispano-Flemish ladies' style of the 15th & 16th centuries.

squarepicOnce you've made a ruff, it just needs starching and setting. Constance shows us how to finish off this most iconic of garments to compliment your Tudor costumes.

SquarepicFew garments are as instantly recognizable as the 16th century ruff. Constance shows us how to make the perfect finishing touch to your Elizabethan costume.

SquarepicJulia continues her discovery of Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk and her mid-16th century wardrobe, and walks us through the creation of her linens, smocks and underwear.

SquarepicA C16th lady of Frances' status must be properly turned out. Julia continues to investigate her Tudor noblewoman's wardrobe with Frances' kirtle and foresleeves.

SquarepicPreviously we explored Frances’ body linens as we began to piece together her Tudor noblewoman's wardrobe. This month we investigate more of her undies...

SquarepicDressing a woman involves more than just recreating portraits. One has to know the person underneath - in this case, Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk.

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