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icon free smStrap-work, an interesting and rich-looking technique, can enhance a garment without the need to spend a lot of money.

pirate iconThe popular image of the pirate is very different from the reality of C17th and C18th seamen - and how did that look even come to mean "pirate"? Katherine explains...

Henry Rich, 1st Earl of HollandIzabela makes a banqueting suit for an English Civil War Nobleman... and next month, a sumptuous gown for his wife...

SquarepicMantuas of the late C17th & early C18th are gorgeous but often underrepresented in historical clothing. Izabela describes the making of her mantua gown.

SquarepicThe pirate look has been dominated by the media since before Hollywood. Katherine sees what sailors and buccaneers really wore in the Golden Age of Piracy.

icon free smMore historically accurate than Disney, yet quick, easy and inexpensive, with separate pieces that can begin a mix-and-match costume collection.

SquarepicPeriod makeup is probably the most overlooked part in a re-enactors outfit, but Elisa walks us through the process for the mid-17th century.

banquet-iconIzabela studies and recreates, step by step, a sumptuous gown from this oft-forgotten period in English costume history.

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