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1650-60 Banqueting Gown

banquet-iconIzabela studies and recreates, step by step, a sumptuous gown from this oft-forgotten period in English costume history.

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1650-60 Banqueting Gown   What a beautiful dress!

Just one question... you recommend dried reeds for boning, but where on earth does one obtain suitable reeds? They're not indigenous where I live, so I can't just go out and gather them... is it possible to order them online?
1650-60 Banqueting Gown   Hello there! I got mine from US, if i remember wll it was from http://www.grannd.com/

but you can get ones here as well : http://www.venacavadesign.co.uk/Products/Flat_Oval_Reed.html

good luck!
1650-60 Banqueting Gown   I marvel that not only did you have time to MAKE this wonderful gown but that you also found the time and energy to construct for the rest of us a step-by-step tutorial, with photos. I am sure that we are all - collectively - properly awed and grateful!! Lovely work ...  
1650-60 Banqueting Gown   thank you so much for your kind words! Hope the indtructions will come in handy!
as for finding time- well, who needs sleep anyway....
1650-60 Banqueting Gown   For lazykaty: If you have an upholsterer's shop near you, you may be able to find reeds there for basket and cane weavers that is suitable for boning.

This is a fantastic tutorial on an oft looked over period!

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