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SquarepicPeriod makeup is probably the most overlooked part in a re-enactors outfit, but Elisa walks us through the process for the mid-17th century.

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I am interested in the 1790s.
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Re: 1790s
Hi there Fuechsin,
You might like this section then! http://yourwardrobeunlockd.com/articles/historicalperiods/18th-century
And there are some late C18th articles here too http://yourwardrobeunlockd.com/articles/historicalperiods/regency
Remember, you can now 'bookmark' articles you like to read later, creating your very own, personal, 1790s reading list.

The 1790's is more than a 100 years after the time period in this article, but a pale skin was still the norm. However, there were a turn against visible makeup around 1800, so even if pale skin and ruddy cheeks were considered beautiful, makeup should be more invisible.
I really enjoyed this! I like seeing the two different looks, and appreciate you talking modern substitutes. I too have some of that white lead substitute and it is great.

Also just wanted to note that a lot of this applies to 18th c makeup!

I am very glad that you liked the article! And absolutely, when it comes to the makeup recipes there is a huge overlap between the 17th and 18th century. Indeed, I have found recipes that was (at least) written in the 16th century and still crops up in 19th century books!

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