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The La Maupin Mantua

SquarepicMantuas of the late C17th & early C18th are gorgeous but often underrepresented in historical clothing. Izabela describes the making of her mantua gown.

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Jeannette de Meyer  
Millinery   This aticle seems of interest to me!  
  Interesting article! Mantuas needs more love and I think you look gorgeous in yours. I find it facinating that tis gown is very much the grandparent to both the robe francasie and and anglaise and that it all evolved from imported clothes from Asia. I plan to make a very early mantua, 1670's out of a bolt of striped kimono fabric I have, just to see how it would work out. There will a lot of piercing in the skirt...  
mantua   So no boned support under the petticoat? My imagination said bum roll or pocket hoops or something, but was there a time when they weren't used?  
  with the earlier types, when a more vertical silhouette was preferred, no skirt supports were necessary - later mantuas, however, in the 18th century, do need them - as the style departs from the elongated form to a more horizontal aspect:-)  
  Thanks so much for posting this. I interpret 1690s Massachusetts (specifically the Salem Witch Trials) and have been toying with making a silk mantua for an upper-class character, as gentry-level clothing tends to be very under-represented locally. This is very helpful and it's inspiring to see someone wear a fontage and carry it off! The drapery at the back of the mantua is truly lovely.  

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