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Finally, you'll need to sew the outer and inner bodice halves together.

1. Place inner and outer halves right sides together and sew along the top edge (along the outer halves of the front pieces and across the back) and bottom edges only, and turn out. Alternatively, lay them wrong sides together and bind the edges.

2. Stitch down that side front seam through all the layers.

3. To prepare the armholes for sleeves, turn the seam allowances inwards and pin the two edges together. Sew the edges together neatly around the perimeter of the armhole. You may also want to handsew ribbon loops under the arms to hang the bodice up with.
4. Finally, cut a big rectangle of secondary (underskirt) fashon fabric and one of lining, as long as your centre front edge plus seam allowances and around 15cm (6") wide. Handsew to the inside front edge. (I include that instruction here for completeness, but in fact I left the modesty panel until I'd finished with the sleeves, just so that it wouldn't get in the way in the meantime.)

Next: finally, the sleeves, and you Pirate Gown is complete!



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