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Portrait of Ekaterina Ivanovna Nelidova, a student of the Empress School for Noble Maidens, 1770's Dmitry Levitzky An introduction to late 18th century frippery and furbelows - the items commonly used to complete feminine ensembles of the beau monde.

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Accessories, 1770-89
Excellent timing for this article, as I'm in the 18th C mode right now. Would love to know more about the aprons and neckerchiefs.
Accessories, 1770-89
Excellent article, Carolyn, thanks. You have provided a lot of valuable information.

I hope you won't mind if I make one small quibble. I know that not every subscriber is concerned with authenticity, but for those who are, I wanted to comment on the section on mobcaps. I do not believe that we have found evidence that the circular gathered-edge/drawstring cap existed in the 18th century. To my knowledge no period source has been found to document one. If Carolyn or anyone has a source, I would be very interested in it and hope you will share.

References to a 'mobcap' exist, but to the best of my knowledge, it refers to a different type of cap, not the round gathered-edge one that we think of today.

Those who are interested in constructing a period- appropriate (don't you just hate that term?) cap may want to choose to make the dormeuse that Carolyn describes. Besides they are so pretty!

I would also like to learn more about aprons, Carolyn--maybe you can make that your next article.

Loving YWU,


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