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SquarepicWorking from the skin up for Mrs Gainsborough's 18th century ensemble, Julia takes us through building her stays - the key to the classic Georgian silhouette.

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These stays are absolutely beautiful and it was very interesting to read about your construction techniques.

I've been focusing on modern and 19thC type corsets recently, but the 18thC was always my first love and you've got me wanting to make some stays again now!

Great article - I can't wait to see the future parts!

These are absolutely stunning and so beautifully constructed. Love all the step-by-step pictures, particularly of the draping. Brava!
If I do not have a perfect shaped dummie like you. How do you suggest I fit a pattern. I find it very hard to find any good articles about this.
Try this one, if you're fitting on yourself:


Otherwise, it can be useful to pad an existing dummy to the right shape, or create a duct tape dummy:


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