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SquarepicThe creation of Mrs Gainsborough's Georgian wardrobe continues, as Julia explains the construction of her linen chemise and accessories.

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linen thread
WONDERFUL ARTICLE !!! Thank you very much.

If you are looking for fine linen thread, you might try looking in venues that sell linen thread for bobbin lace-making. I have some very fine linen thread for that purpose.

I have not purchased from this particular supplier before (I can't remember where I bought mine) but the 120 thread is usually very fine. http://provolace.com/THREAD.html#LINEN

An internet search would possibly provide lots more sources. Although sold as "lace-making thread" this is still just fine, strong linen thread that can be used for any purpose.

Again, thank you for this article. It is really useful.

Thanks, Sara - very handy tip (and glad you find the article useful) smile
Great article Julia. I love linen and your descriptions on how to find the true grain was very helpful. Can't wait to make a new chemise using your techniques.

I am in the process of studying how to make early lace (ie 16th-18th century). There were styles lace for underthings, for outer things, for fans, for handkerchief trims. And yes, I believe modern hand made lace in the old lace styles could achieve what is not available commerically.

Some lace history books and lace identification books: Antique lace : identifying the types and techniques by Healther Toomer (the best lace identification book to come on the market in years. Clear photographs and excellent descriptions). The identification of lace by Pat Earnshaw (an overview of lace identification)

Lace and linen repair: Anybody can mend lace and linens by E. Kurelia (A handy manual of practical information on repairing lace and linens)

Source for above books & linen thread. http://www.vansciverbobbinlace.com

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