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iconThe construction of gowns in this era is often complex - but with the original gown as a reference, this dress can be rebuilt piece by piece.

squarepicTravel could be a truly grimy experience back in the day. Astrida introduces us to the dusters that kept clothes from getting filthy.

SquarepicNatasha invites us to look through her 1907 wedding dress project, starting from the foundations up. In Part 1 she covers the Edwardian corset, bloomers and chemise. 

iconA famous sketch of a beautiful period gown is re-united with its real life counterpart, and is then accurately recreated as new.

SquarepicBathing boots and shoes were very popular from the late 19th century through to the 1920s. Nicole constructs a functional, but very cute, pair.

The waist of the lingerie dressLast month I analyzed the skirt of a lingerie dress. This month I'll be looking at the associated blouse. In the Belle Époque it goes by many names: waist, shirt-waist, lingerie waist, lingerie blouse...

icon free smOh, to be a wealthy American traveling to Paris to order a dress from Worth! These original guides discuss what it was like...

SquarepicNatasha's quest to create a 1907 wedding gown from the bottom up has brought us to the second layer: the Edwardian petticoat, underskirt, and corset cover.

Front of dressAnalyzing, in exhaustive detail, the construction of a lingerie dress from about 1904. Sunny dives into the finer points of a beautiful surviving piece of pure frou-frou.

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