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Tailoring the Tailcoat

squarepicModern tailcoats are primarily associated with butlers, but their high elegance has a great appeal even today. Elizabeth shows how to make one from start to finish. 

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  Great article! I will likely use this to make a riding habit. Terrific, detailed photos and I LOVE that there are videos included.  
Elizabeth Estervig  
  Thank you! I'm glad it was helpful.  
  Do you have a hardcopy of that book, or is it available somewhere online? I'd like to get my hands on it. Starting from the really old Victorian drafts is pretty intimidating, since one never knows how well it will go.  
Elizabeth Estervig  
  I don't have a hard copy of the book-though I do have a pdf, which was passed down to me through the grapevine. You might try Inter Library Loan to try and get a copy. It is rather notoriously hard to hunt down.

You may like my other article on different drafting systems. I go into greater detail there the pros and cons of several drafting systems there. I'm also hoping to add to it soon with more drafts to play with.

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