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Lounge jacket pieces

How to make up for disproportions such as erect and stooping figures, and how to make your menswear stand out as historical.

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Edwardian era suit pattern
Do you have any recommendations on where to find Edwardian era patterns? I'm looking to make my boyfriend a formal suit to match my 1908 gown for an event we're going to, but all of my books only go up until 1900.
Hi there! Tailoring is not a well served discipline, unfortunately, unlike dressmaking, and it relies largely on patternmaking from scratch to a gentleman's measurements - paper patterns inevitably give so-so results. For best results, I'd recommend searching archive.org for titles involving the word "cutting". If you're looking for more modern interpretations with a simple pattern to follow, towards the bottom of this page there's a frock coat suit that claims suitability up to 1920 and an 1897 suit that may still have been in service in 1908.


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