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Georgian & Regency

A Regency Baby Gown

Detail from the Regency baby gownAmanda analyses a rare find and compares it to museum examples around the world so that the techniques can be recreated accurately.

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A Regency Baby Gown   Love all the hand stitches. Valuable resource, thank you.  
A Regency Baby Gown   Timing is everything :)

My friends and fellow re-enactors are expecting their 1st baby and I am wanting to make them a newborn regency outfit, so this is PERFECT.
A Regency Baby Gown   What a interesting article.

The Dorset buttons that are used here would most probably have been stitched over wire which had been soldered into a ring shape.

There is a brilliant (but old, I think the 1980s) piece that you can view online (search Jack Hargreaves - dorset buttons), presented by Jack Hargreave's in his 'Out of Town' series, showing these very Dorset buttons being made in the exact way in which they would have been made in the early 19th century. Fantastic source!

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