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squarepicFrom camisas to cintolas - Aylwen gives us an overview of Renaissance Italian men's fashion in the 15th century.

squarepic Iberian women pursued beauty and the feminine ideal as much as ladies today. Sarah explores the makeup and cosmetics used in 15th and 16th century Spain.

Anglo Saxon coupleEarly medieval clothing: a potato sack with a girdle? Not necessarily: here lies an astonishing wealth of fabric, colour & detail.

Philip the Good, wearing a chaperonThe chaperon was a popular men's hat in mid-15th century Europe. Constance introduces her interpretation of this iconic medieval style of headwear.

SquarepicHow does one choose which embroidery thread to use for a project? Sunny does it by trying every one she can find for her 12th century bliaut. Read on to find out what she thought.

burgundian_iconDiscussing the cut of a late medieval kirtle and a very popular V neck gown, often simply referred to as the Burgundian gown.

SquarepicA good hairstyle helps create the perfect impression. Sarah shares some appropriate hairstyles for women in Spain during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. 

SquarePicMention a medieval dress to someone, and odds are they'll imagine a bliaut. Izabela walks us through the construction of this iconic 12th century dress.

15th c DoubletStudy & construction of these two garments, plus how to make a fashionable gown/jacket worn over the doublet.

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