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Philip the Good, wearing a chaperonThe chaperon was a popular men's hat in mid-15th century Europe. Constance introduces her interpretation of this iconic medieval style of headwear.

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Thank you for this nice tutorial! Unfortunately, I cannot make my husband wear these cool hats. I tried to convince him for our wedding, but he detested the fashion in whole... It is a bit extreme, but I like it. smile

How is the fancy liripipe of the grey chaperone constructed? Does it have only one layer of fabric the whole way down?

Hello thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed the tutorial.
The fancy dagged Liripipe is one single layer of fabric cut to shape in a good non fraying wool with no finishing what so ever. I hope this answers your question, it is just my interpretation of the style and a thrifty use of the fabric available but if you look at some of the paintings they do appear to be one layer of cloth.
All the best.

Thank you! It answers it. smile
Great, I hope you can eventually work on your Husband to wear a Chaperon or if not maybe you can take up the swagger your self I quite enjoyed wearing one for the photos.

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