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icon free smYou can easily picture your spectacular new gown trailing behind you as you make a grand entrance... but what about the dirt?

1876-1878 Daydress detailA wonderful example of fashionable US Victorian day dress, composed of polonaise and trained skirt. Part 2 features the complete pattern.

Psyche by Berthe MorisotMaking sense of ladies' underwear 1876-82.

2: What to wear over the corset and under the dress, plus fabrics.

London and Paris ladies magazine of fashion, July 1881Straw was popular year-round for Natural Form headgear. Here's how to create three different shapes by altering modern sun hats.

Back of day dressA wonderful example of fashionable Victorian day dress in America, composed of polonaise and trained skirt. Part 1: overview & skirt pattern.

Nana, Edouard Manet, 1877Making sense of ladies' underwear 1876-82.

Walking you through all the different layers, from the skin out.

SquarepicLife often brings unexpected treasures. Kat studies an extant dress pattern from 1882 and looks at how this Natural Form Era gown fits a modern, uncorseted body.

Detail of shoulder, 1880 chemiseAn eye-opening combination of machine sewing and delicate hand stitching.

Bonus article from FR

Edouard Manet, Woman fastening her stockings, 1878Far beyond plain black or white, catalogs of the era carried fancy knitted stockings of all kinds. Get ready to shop for the perfect stockings, thread your embroidery needle or grab your knitting needles! We're diving into the realm of stockings and socks with fashion reports, catalogs from 1882, stocking embroidery diagrams and  lots of knitting patterns for socks and stockings for all ages.

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