Edouard Manet, Woman fastening her stockings, 1878Far beyond plain black or white, catalogs of the era carried fancy knitted stockings of all kinds. Get ready to shop for the perfect stockings, thread your embroidery needle or grab your knitting needles! We're diving into the realm of stockings and socks with fashion reports, catalogs from 1882, stocking embroidery diagrams and  lots of knitting patterns for socks and stockings for all ages.

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Natural Form Era Socks & Stockings by Marion McNealy
How deliciously naughty, under all those layers of petticoat and skirt! Presumably no one but yourself, your lady's maid and, possibly, your husband, knew what was concealed. Now I REALLY know why "In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking."
Natural Form Era Socks & Stockings by Marion McNealy - Patterns for Knitted Socks and Stockings
Thank you for this article. As I am seeing more photos of the undergarments I am loving the special touches each had to make it beautiful even though it wouldn't be seen. Such pride that must have going into what a person wore.

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