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SquarepicDating an historic dress is an involved process. Morgan shares her study of an impressive C19th dress owned by Mrs R. Hitchcock.

Squarepic Good examples of 19th century ladies tailoring aren't always easy to find. Chantal walks us through a study of her new treasure, a Directoire coat from the 1880s.

SquarePicPreviously, Izabela showed us how to make THAT amazing riding jacket. But we don't do things by halves, so read on to finish the ensemble.

squarepicThe Victorian tall hat ruled the fashion pages in the 1880s. Chantal teaches us how 19th century ladies made, trimmed and wore this striking style. 

Squarepic Research is great, but nothing beats recreation. Katherine walks us through her reproduction of an 1880s bustle dress. 

Riding jacket.Many of us have salivated over THAT 1880s riding habit in the V&A, the one with all the braid... Izabela shows us how to tackle this daunting project.

SquarepicTrains are gorgeous, but nothing beats a walking-length costume for sheer elegance and practicality. Izabela describes the construction of her late C19th walking dress.

Squarebodice10Museums are full of inspiring, elaborate dresses. But what about more everyday dresses? Katherine gives us an up-close view of a very make-able dress.

WDtiniestIzabela patterns and sews two Victorian wedding gown bodices, and offers tips on accessories and styling for the big day. 

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