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1880s bodiceDiscussing authentic Victorian sewing methods, including 50 detail photos inside & outside an antique bodice.

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Studying a real 1880s evening bodice by Katherine Caron-Greig
Not my period, but a fascinating look at an extant garment--thanks so much for sharing!

<i>I’ve found that this lack of detail on the inside creates a better behaving bodice. With flat lining, the layers of the bodice work together instead of fighting each other the way they can do with bag lining. Though the end result may not look professional—or even finished—to modern eyes, its flexibility suits the ideal curvy Victorian figure very well.</i>

Really interesting observation, and I think it explains a lot about earlier period clothing, too. I'll have to go look at some of my books more closely and think about this (access to actual 16th century garments is quite a bit tougher to manage, and earlier than that one is mostly out of luck--but I have something to try to look for in textual sources now).

Someone recently suggested flat-lining some thin, bias-stretchy silk brocade I have to take stress off seams, and that's another pro to flat-lining, especially with thin and/or bias-stretchy outer fabrics.

Bravo et merci pour ce reportage très intéressant !

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