SquarePicPreviously, Izabela showed us how to make THAT amazing riding jacket. But we don't do things by halves, so read on to finish the ensemble.

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1885 riding habit
Great writeup. It must take a great deal of patience to document by photograph all those steps.

And you look absolutely stunning in your riding outfit.

Charlene Roberts

thanks! yes, photographing every step adds a bit to the time used too make the garment - but judging from the feedback it is worth the time and effort - sometimes a picture shows the instructions so much clearer than a detailed description! .plus a decent phone camera can do - very handy. thank you for yor kind words and glad you enjoyed the article!
Truly lovely! so glad to see the trousers made up as well/ lwyas wondered wha tthy might look like :) Very clear photos, pretty horse and rider -- good job!

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