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SquarepicThe mid-1890s were a dramatic time in fashion history. Astrida explores the history and construction of this eye-catching, high-fashion, late C19th coat. 

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I wonder why anyone should need to sign up to read an article?
Please click though to see the comment below; I apologise that it didn't display correctly when originally posted.
Re: signing-up
Hi there,
Thank you so much for your query.
I'm afraid being a paid-for service is the only way we can fund our research and appropriately reward the hard work of all the authors and costume experts that create our articles. (We wish we could give it all for free! Now, if we ever win the lottery...)
However, we always try to make sure each of our three sites has a stash of free articles available for people for whom subscription is not a viable option. If you go to our 'articles' tab at the top, you should be able to access them without logging in.
You can also keep track of us on Facebook where we often share costuming information and news and if you 'like' us, you never know - you may become one of our 'lucky likers' picked at random to receive a month's free gift membership!
I hope that helps answer your question.
Best wishes,
Polly (Harman Hay web bot)

LOVE this article!! I finally got a chance to look at it, and just realized you included a pattern diagram AND great detail photos! I'm a little obsessed with original pattern diagrams, and will definitely reproduce this at some point. Thank you!!

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