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Mrs HeraldIntroducing the Boston Herald's fashionable paper doll, Mrs. B.S. Herald, and her spectacular wardrobe showcasing the latest styles.

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Hello, I would love to read your articles, s.v.p. Thank you!
Hi Sylvie,

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Harman Hay Publications

Paper Dolls
I have these paper dolls! In fact, they started my historical paper doll collection, and sparked my lifelong obsession with historical costuming. I found them at a small museum in Cape Cod, back in the 1980s. The gowns are simply breathtaking--such detail and vivid, yet delicate coloring. Of course, I was a child when I bought them, so I cut the fashions out of the book and played with the paper dolls . . . but I still have the entire set. Thanks for sharing their history!
You're very welcome -- what a great way to have gotten introduced to historical dress. I'm guessing that what you found was a Dover publications reprint of the series, and that's still available, I believe. So if you want a fresh set, they await you!

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