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Image8bustlearticlept1Lauren continues her investigations of an antique bustle, completing her recreation using modern materials on a tight budget.

squarepicIzabela describes the construction of a dramatic February 1876 ensemble - from original Victorian fashion plate to final trims and accessories. 

 sea_side_jacket_back_iconHow to true up the pattern, fit the jacket, draft the sleeves and construct the jacket, plus some key lessons - and a classic mistake to look out for!

Image8bustlearticlept1Lauren explores how a genuine late Victorian bustle support was made, and starts her own recreation using modern materials.

libby_iconI have the honor to own my great-grandmother’s 1875 wedding dress. The more I look closely at this heirloom, the more fascinating it is!

Back of Sea-side jacket, Peterson's magazine, August 1873

How to overcome the challenges of using original magazine patterns (in this case, from Peterson's), and pattern this interesting jacket.

squarepicWe're not the only ones who curse over our sewing. In the early 1870s, Celestia Freeman made herself a dress - and she struggled too!

Peek at Libby's dressA close look at an authentic Victorian dress, with many photos, construction and sewing details, and fashion plates of the time.

Petersons, January 1869Marion traces the beginnings of the second bustle era by reviewing fashion illustrations of 1868-1869 from Peterson's, Arthur's and Godey's magazines.

If that isn't enough, also included are all patterns published by Peterson's in 1869!

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