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Victorian & Edwardian

1875 Wedding Dress

Peek at Libby's dressA close look at an authentic Victorian dress, with many photos, construction and sewing details, and fashion plates of the time.

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Libby’s 1875 Wedding Dress - Part 1 by Bobbie Kalben   Thanks for the exhaustive examination of the dress; this is the "inside look" that's almost as good as having it to look at myself!  
  If you ever get to Seattle, Washington, let me know and you can see this dress in person!  
Libby’s 1875 Wedding Dress - Part 1 by Bobbie Kalben   Wonderful! This gave me an "ah hah!" moment when I read about the button and buttonholes did not go up to the neck to allow for a brooch to be pinned on. I've had trouble pinning my brooch on just for that reason, the button was in the way. I love learning little tricks like this, however minor it is.  

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