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Detail of the Brown Bustle SkirtI've often been frustrated that there are wonderful Victorian patterns available, but there is very little information on how to put the pieces together or the other finishing details that go into making a dress.

My goal with this article is to address this gap by doing a photographic analysis of the construction techniques used in three Victorian skirts in my personal collection. Due to the Single Pattern Project, I'm most interested in elliptical skirts, but I only have one in my collection. Therefore, I've chosen a skirt from the preceding Hoop era, and one from the following Early Bustle era to compare to the elliptical skirt.

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Analyzing the Construction of Three Victorian Skirts, by Sunny Buchler
This is an amazing article. Your depth of scholarship and detail is incredible, Sunny! I have not 'needed' info on victorian skirts so far, but when I did... wow, this article has everything! Thank you so much for your painstaking work.
Eide Markham
I have looked EVERYWHERE for details regarding waistband attachment - particularly concerning skirts with both cartridge and knife/box pleats. Thank you SO much for providing both the analysis and the fantastic detail shots. :)
Brown Bustle Skirt
As soon as I saw that brown bustle skirt I fell in love with it! It just looks so steampunk, and so I am using this as inspiration for my costume for The Asylum in Lincoln next month.

Thank you for this splendid article, it's fascinating to actually be able to see the inside of extant garments, and their construction details. Invaluable!

Thank you.

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