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Maria Hendrika of Belgium, 1865, probably wearing WorthExploring Charles Frederick's story to find the secrets behind his genius, and thus capture the magic of Worth in our own work.

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Mrs Potter Palmer
Mrs Potter Palmer I of Chicago wore many gowns. I am interested in knowing more about Worth's methods, why his products were chosen by Mrs Palmer.
Mrs Palmer was a Chicago socalite who wanted to look up-to-date - particularly important since she wanted to keep up with her contemporaries in New York (Chicago was positively provincial by comparison in those days). After the collapse of the Second Empire c.1870, when Empress Eugenie fled to England, Worth boldly re-opened his establishment but had lost his wealthy Parisian clientele. He found a core of new customers among the wives of wealthy American industrialists, who were willing to travel to Paris, sometimes to order a dozen gowns at a time.

This article gives a flavour of what it would have been like: http://yourwardrobeunlockd.com/articles/historicalperiods/edwardian/294-shopping-in-paris-a-ladys-guide

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