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Victorian & Edwardian

Bustles, Bustles, and More Bustles

Bustles, Bustles and More Bustles by Christina DeAngeloWhat's not to love about a bustle gown? Christina puts aside the lobster tail, makes some different bustles and compares the effects.

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Great Article!   Great exploration of different bustle types! I love how you demonstrated each type by making it and photographing it.

If you don't mind, I've a challenge for you. I've searched high & low for proof of a short wire bustle, like a lobster-tail, but shorter, just below the wearer's bottom. It's covered--not bare wires, but like a lobster-tail. It may or may not have adjustable lacing at the back. Laughing Moon makes such a bustle pattern, but I haven't found any documentation or proof that they existed in the 1800s. I want to make a pattern for a doll bustle like this, but I need to know whether it's historically accurate. I've searched Pinterest, Google Patents, museum sites, etc.

If necessary, I can lengthen my doll bustle, but I like the short look, and it would be easier for a beginner to make, so I'm hoping to find proof that such a bustle existed. Can you, or anyone, help?

Again, great article! Really enjoyed it.
  Thank you!
I can't think of one that fits your description offhand, but that doesn't mean it didn't exist. There are certainly lots of examples of short wire bustles, but so far the ones I've seen of are only partially covered or bare wire. I'll keep an eye out, and in the meantime, you can check out my pin board of bustles https://www.pinterest.com/thelacedangel/dat-ass/.
  Thanks for the link. The bustle that's hefted unnaturally high on the mannequin's rear is almost short enough, but not quite! I'm guessing that Laughing Moon made up their short bustle pattern, since it doesn't seem to exist for real. That's disappointing, since it's exactly what I need for my doll pattern. If need be, I'll lengthen the pattern, but it seems like it ought to have existed, you know? Oh, well. Thanks again.  
  I think I found one, and it was under our noses the whole time! Check out the "muslin bustle" http://heckyeahedwardians.tumblr.com/image/3733216867 (3rd on in the bottom row) and pay special attention to the description. While the pictured bustle is the long style, the caption says it's available in 31", or in shorter versions of 10" and 12".  
  Oh, that's brilliant! I found a photo of a bustle at the Met that *might* be what I'm looking for, but the photo was on Pinterest and it only showed the inside of the bustle, so I couldn't say for sure if it was the right kind. It looked like it probably was, but without seeing the outside, it's impossible to say. The link only went back to the Met's main page, and a search didn't reveal that bustle anywhere on the site. But your ad sounds like it's the proof I've been searching for! Thanks so much.  

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