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Victorian & Edwardian

Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To

Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To by Christina DeAngeloThe lobster tail bustle is a classic for a reason. Here, Christina shows us how to put some junk in that trunk (includes free pattern).  

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  Thanks so much for sharing this excellent pattern! I made mine with the green lumber strapping from Home Depot. I haven't tried it with skirts yet (I still need to make them). But I wrote about it here: http://boocouture.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-lobster-tail-bustle.html  
  Your bustle looks amazing! Great find on the strapping tape! I'm curious how it holds up in the long term, as even with rounding the corners it will wear through a bit quicker than if it was tipped. If you start to have any issues, you can probably dip the ends in Plasti-dip or something similar. I noticed you said it felt lightweight; you can probably also double up the strapping if you need more support.  

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