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iconNeed a new hat? Maybe a fresh velvet hat for Fall will pick up your spirits. Try this easy-to-make hat from Fall 1927.

Beyond the Cloche 2 by Marion McNealyWhat are the key design hallmarks of an authentic 1920s hat, making it unique and special and setting it apart from later imitations?

Creating a Vintage Wardrobe by Constance MacKenzieHave you ever wanted to take your love of period clothing into everyday life, but felt overwhelmed? Constance shows us how.

Beyond the Cloche by Marion McNealyIn the beginning there was the Cloche, and that was the only truly fashionable hat in the 1920s. Or was it? Marion sets the record straight!

SQUREPICFinally, Mrs. Pretty's 1915 velvet-trimmed ensemble is complete with her classic teens tailored skirt and jacket, and spectacular hat.

SQUREPICIt's a new year, 1915, and Mrs. Pretty needs a new outfit. Here, Julia starts on the construction of an elegant teens walking suit.

squareNow we've come to know Mabel Pretty fairly well, Julia takes us through her wardrobe, her dressing routine and her day. 


squarepicWe're tantalisingly close to meeting Mrs Mabel Pretty, so consider the rest of the ensemble for her day out in Suffolk: the hat and coat.

squarepicOver the past few months we've got to know Mrs Pretty very well. Today Julia describes the construction of her 1914 day dress.

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