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squarepicNow that you have a pattern, it's time to learn how to actually construct this luscious Dior-style couture foundation in part 3.

squarepicSil explains draping on the stand the couture way, to make a simple bobbinet underbodice pattern in your work.

squarepicDiscover the secret foundations of those gorgeous couture gowns! Sil Devilly examines some original Dior underbodices.

iconBuilding on the draft we made in the previous article, Emilie walks you though sewing your own classy, vintage inspired swimwear.

iconMaking fabulous 1950's swimwear is simple with Emilie's guidance. Here's a basic pattern draft, with five classy style variations.

squarepicEmilie uses the pattern she drafted in part 1 to create her own 1930s Kestos style bra... with suprisingly impressive results for a fuller bust!

squarepicCan a 1930s Kestos style bra offer anything in terms of shape and support to a body with any sort of bust? It's time to draft one and find out!

Utility BrasIn search of the perfect 1940's figure, Laura asks how fabric rationing affected underwear, and what was a Utility bra?

iconNeed a new hat? Maybe a fresh velvet hat for Fall will pick up your spirits. Try this easy-to-make hat from Fall 1927.

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