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Vintage & 20th century

1909-1914 Striped Day Dress, 1

Teens striped dressIn our first Teens Double Period Project article, Sunny examines a fashionable striped wool dress from 1909 - 1914 in her collection.

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1909-1914 Striped Day Dress   What a gorgeous dress. Thanks so much for sharing!  
1909-1914 Striped Day Dress   Thank you! With the current interest in Edwardian & 'teens dresses from Downton Abbey, this is very much appreciated being included in YWU. These dresses are a mystery and you've been a big help. I wished there had been a better closeup of the neckline and collar but I can save the larger photo and try blowing it up myself. I love all the details on these. The side part of the skirt looks very odd to my modern eyes but truly says 'teens era.  
1909-1914 Striped Day Dress   Don't worry, there will be close-up pictures of the neckline and collar in the future. :-)  
1909-1914 Striped Day Dress   What a fantastic article! I appreciate that you're including the pattern for this dress -- it makes the whole article infinitely more useful. And I love the style of this dress, so that's a bonus - I've actually been hunting for something similar to work from. :)  
1909-1914 Striped Day Dress   I love this dress. I was given an old suitcase two years ago and sqashed at the bottom was a blue dress. As I slowly unfolded it and put it on a mannequin, I realised from the shape that it would have to have been worn with some considerable corsetry. Once it was on the mannequin I realised that it was probably a dress for this period.

The waistband on mine is a plain ribbon which unfortunately is disintegrating but the main fabric is a blue pinstripey heavy cotton (I think, not an expert on identifying fabrics). It has a white lace high collar that has some spring like metal binding inside to keep the collar standing.

Whomever wore it was tiny both in height as well as stature but rest assured that it is now wrapped and padded lovingly in acid-free tissue paper and put away to protect what little ribbon there is left on it.

My most precious possession now :-)
1909-1914 Striped Day Dress, 1   Wonderful. Thank you for sharing this dress in detail. It's such a beautiful example of clothing made and worn by everyday people. Also, it is nice to see that not all construction is not couture-perfect, but still complicated and skilled. So inspiring!  

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