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Behind the Scenes at London Museums by Marion McNealySuitcase, passports and a utility bill….? Here's all you need to know to get behind the scenes at the biggest London museums.

SquarepicWhen doing research at a museum far from home, it's vital to plan carefully so nothing is forgotten. Marion shares her tips for making the most of a museum visit.

Princess, from a St. George statue group, Swabia, about 1440, Bavarian National MuseumMemory is fallible, so if you get a chance to photograph a museum collection, do it! Here are Marion's tips for great pictures in museums. 

Street in NurnbergSo, you’ve always wanted to see amazing museums and historical sites in person instead of just in photographs? Marion shows us how to plan our own research tour.

squarepicWhen studying fashion history or recreating garments, nothing beats seeing actual garments at a museum study appointment.

8Some you know, some you won't, but in any case, the next time you travel, consider incorporating your passion for fashion.

books-iconDrowning in books, web tabs, bookmarks and useful scraps of paper? Marion shares her tips and techniques for keeping research organized, both online and off.

winterthur_iconThe Winterthur Collection  has many fantastic historical clothing and accessory catalogs. Here's the best  from 1850-1919

icon-mapMarion shares a few of her tricks on how to track down artwork and historical information in a particular town or region that is off the beaten research path.

Detail of gold embroidery from mid-19th Portuguese court dress

Looking for some last minute gift suggestions? Cathy reviews two new books from 2010: Fashioning Fashion and High Style.

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