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In part three of her four part series, Kendra van Cleave shows us some tips and techniques to find good information on the Internet.

This month, she adds books, journals and conferences to our arsenal of resources, recommending the most useful ones, showing us how best to use them, and telling us what to look out for.


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I am very new to costuming for my own pleasure. (25+ years of Halloween costumes and clothes for 5 daughters I don't think counts) I am not unfamiliar with research as I have almost the same amount of time invested in genealogical studies. My heart, however, lies with books about history and my sanity comes from hand sewing and quilting. That said, I must say that I am immensely enjoying and learning from your series of articles as my starting point for learning to combine my pleasures into a new direction. That said, your writing style and wit have made my day today. I had to laugh loud enough to bring family members searching for me with: "...books are one of the main useful, authoritative, shinyprettySQUE E! sources for costume research." We are a family of bibliophiles who can sooooooo relate to this description! Thank you. Looking forward to learning more!

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