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TinySquareAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and sewing masochist. Ava discovers that piped seams on Romantic era dresses may not be piped at all...

Workwoman's Guide stitchesAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and sewing masochist. Ava shows what we can do with the four fundamental stitches.

AvaT22tinyAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and sewing masochist. Ava translates the four fundamental stitches.

collagetinyAn outstanding primary source for the history nerd and dressmaking masochist. Ava begins to translate the directions for 21st c sewers!

winterthur_iconThe Winterthur Collection  has many fantastic historical clothing and accessory catalogs. Here's the best  from 1850-1919

Detail of gold embroidery from mid-19th Portuguese court dress

Looking for some last minute gift suggestions? Cathy reviews two new books from 2010: Fashioning Fashion and High Style.

Detail from Reading in the Forest, 1875, Benczur OlvasoWe've gone through our links, pored over the bookshelves and searched for the best in books to help you create a masterpiece for the Natural Form Era 1876-1882.

We've got an awesome trilogy of ladies' tailoring books by Charles Hecklinger and his equally amazing trilogy of men's tailoring books.  

Having trouble getting a smooth fit to a cuirass bodice or Princess dress? We've found period  fitting guides with step-by-step pictures to guide you through the process.  Want to know what options women had for corsets and petticoats? Check out a mail order catalog from 1883.  And that's just the free stuff, not from a bookstore!

Luisa Maria Amelia Teresa di Borbone, 1790Marion's got all the books and resources you need to create an amazing ensemble for the Revolutionary period:

  • The Must Have books and the Nice-to-Haves;
  • A 1785 French fashion magazine with men's and women's dress, hat and wig fashions; and much more!



Detail from The Expert Designer, 1907

Archive.org is an open digital library, without the international restrictions of Google Books. This month, we share with you a few of the great historical texts on a variety of subjects that we've found.

From 1820's fashion magazines to 1900's pattern drafting texts, to shoe making manuals and hairstyling guides, we've got a lot to keep you busy over the holiday season!

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