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Luisa Maria Amelia Teresa di Borbone, 1790Marion's got all the books and resources you need to create an amazing ensemble for the Revolutionary period:

  • The Must Have books and the Nice-to-Haves;
  • A 1785 French fashion magazine with men's and women's dress, hat and wig fashions; and much more!



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Revolutionary Era (1770-1789) Bookshelf
Books that have patterns or useful construction info
Moden 1700 (There Tidens Toj patterns came from)is out of print, and hard to find, but you can ILL it. The pattern for this 1778 Mantua is in the book
as well as: A Gown and Skirt 1770-80 Pale Blue taffeta, Jacket with flared skirt a la Suzanne. After 1785 Greyish-blue silk patterned with small silvery-grey garlands and dull red posies, Man's Coat 1770-80 Olive green pin-stripe silk shot with blue, Mourning coat? 1780-90 Black silk velvet, Knee breeches 1770-80 Pale blue frieze with white linen lining.

Tidings from the 18th Century by Beth Gilgun was writen for re-enactors and has some useful info, like childrens patterns.

Modesty to Mod has a pattern for an 1870-80s two piece dress. Once again out of print, so it is a bit expencive, ILL is the way to go.

History of Costume by Blanche Payne 1965 (you must get the 1965 edition if you want the patterns as some of the later editions removed the patterns) has patterns for: 1778 caraco and skirt from the met
1780's caraco, 1770-80 gown with watteau back, and a few other items for men and women that are dated a bit more vaguely.

and of course Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail 1730-1930

Revolutionary Era (1770-1789) Bookshelf
Unfortunately this book is in Swedish, but if you are Scandinavian, then it's a great resource:

"Kvinnligt mode under två sekel" by Britta Hammar and Pernilla Rasmussen

It's a good resource anyway, though, as there are several patterns from extant clothes in the 18th and 19th century in it.

Revolutionary Era (1770-1789) Bookshelf
Norah Waugh's The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600-1930 and The Cut of Men's Clothes.

My personal favorite: Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail 1730-1930

John Styles' The Dress of the People and Ellen Gehret's Rural Pennsylvania Clothing for more every day garments.

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