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Detail from Reading in the Forest, 1875, Benczur OlvasoWe've gone through our links, pored over the bookshelves and searched for the best in books to help you create a masterpiece for the Natural Form Era 1876-1882.

We've got an awesome trilogy of ladies' tailoring books by Charles Hecklinger and his equally amazing trilogy of men's tailoring books.  

Having trouble getting a smooth fit to a cuirass bodice or Princess dress? We've found period  fitting guides with step-by-step pictures to guide you through the process.  Want to know what options women had for corsets and petticoats? Check out a mail order catalog from 1883.  And that's just the free stuff, not from a bookstore!

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Natural Form Era (1876-1882) Bookshelf
Books with patterns
Modesty to Mod, Out of print, ILL has a pattern for a Wedding dress 1875-76

Moden 1840-90 (Tidens Toj patterns) OOP, available at Lacis, but you should look into ILL first!
has pattern for this early 1880's walking suit
as well as C. 1875 Afternoon Gown. Pale grey silk taffeta, greyish tule frill, 1877-78 Tea Gown. Grey poplin repp, covered buttons and lace, C. 1879 More Formal Gown used as a Bridal Gown. Brown patterned silk, trimming of brown silk taffeta, covered buttons, princess gown, Early 1880's Afternoon Visiting Gown. Plum taffeta, covered buttons, ecru machine lace.

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