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8Some you know, some you won't, but in any case, the next time you travel, consider incorporating your passion for fashion.

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8 Great Museums for Costumers
Brilliant - I'll be checking back here every time I plan a holiday ;)
Just a warning about the V&A - they're setting up a new building for the fashion/textiles department, but unfortunately it won't be opening until 2013 and in the meantime the costume gallery is closed. The shop is still amazing and there's costume mixed in with other displays, but you won't find the dresses on the website on display :(

8 Great Museums for Costumers
Some precisions on the Galliera and the Bunka.
The only reason there is a off-site exhibition it is because the museum is under renovation work. When it is finished, there won't be any other off site exhibit. Don't forget also that there is another fashion museum in Paris (in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs ) : don't mix them up, they really are two different collections. Galliera is more about historic fashion, the Arts Déco one is more about 20th c Haute-Couture. (But that doesn't mean that Galliera doesn't exhibit Haute-Couture, and the Arts Décoratifs has an impressive historical collection too)

The Bunka has not permanent exhibit, but it does have 4 exhibits/year. Usually, there is always at least one European (western) fashion every year, usually around april/june. The "current exhibition" page is here and they update it rather often.

8 Great Museums for Costumers
It would have been nice if you had cleared up the FIDM's acronym:
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Also Aline Bernstein Author of Masterpieces of Women’s Costume of the 18th and 19th Centuries was a co-founder of the Met.

8 Great Museums for Costumers
Yes the V&A is closed, but they still have a great offering of books in their bookstore- the largest collection of costume and fashion related books I've ever found for sale. You can access ordering from here:


Other great costume museums
I went on a self guided Costume tour of Europe & the UK for 7 weeks in June/July last year & went to some other brilliant fashion & costume museums.

Vienna, Austria: Austrian Theatre Museum

Florence, Italy: Costume Gallery
Bath, England: Bath Fashion Museum
Manchester, England: Gallery of Costume
The V&A's theatre exhibit is still open & has some good costume examples, but it's fairly small.
I was lucky enough to also make private appointments to see Angels Costumiers in London & Modesammlung Hetzendorf in Vienna. Both truly amazing experiences.

museum ofstage costumes and of shoes
Dear everyone,

May I suggest 2 other great museums :
The museum of stage costumes in Moulins:
They have online collections: http://collection.cncs.fr/

And another one that exposes shoes from all ages: The international museum of shoes history:


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